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Insect nets

Insect nets for Euro windows are made of aluminum frame in which mesh is inserted. The window fixture is solved by means of rotating brackets directly on the net frame, without the need for drilling into the window. Nets are available in shades: white, brown, gold oak, cherry, walnut, maple, or on request in any RAL color.

Net price for your windows:
1. Measure the approximate size of the mesh, select the color, type and email us.
2. We will send you the price of the nets, and after its approval, our network employee will come to focus precisely.
3. We will send the networks directly to, or we will bring them to you and set up them!

Color range of nets:

Interior sunblinds

Horizontal blinds are the most widespread method of sun protection and are an integral part of the interior, protecting not only against the sun’s rays, regulating the light in the room, but also protecting your privacy. The use of horizontal blinds is multifaceted and their color range allows to harmoniously match colors to the color of the window, with color accessories and thus create a pleasant atmosphere according to your taste. The advantage is their simplicity, speed of assembly, minimal maintenance and above all affordability.

Price blinds for your windows:
1. Measure the approximate size of the blind, select the color of the slat and email us.
2. We will send you the price, and after its approval, our blinds will come to focus exactly.
3. We will bring the blinds and establish them!

Top section cut

Top section cut

Exterior windowsills

We supply aluminum exterior window sills in accordance with the color of exterior eaves. Window sills are 2mm thick, and are finished with high-quality aluminum endings that suitably solve the window sill connection with window lining. Window sills are treated with anodized surface, without the need for future painting. We supply window sills in widths from 110 to 360mm, in intervals of 15mm.

Interior windowsills

The interior window sills are made of solid wood and perfectly match the color of the window. They are standardly 22mm thick, but we can also make them in other thicknesses upon request. We also offer window sills with the so-called. nose, overlapping the window sill with masonry!