Euro windows softline

Euro windows softline

Euro windows softline68, and softline78 are the main element of our production. Both of these products are designed and manufactured with respect to the perfect functionality and aesthetic value of the product!

Eurowindow softline68 – basic informations:

  • Three-layer 68 mm thick Euro-prism ensuring facial stability of the window
  • Precise bolted joints for perfect window strength
  • Three-phase coating of windows by dipping and high-pressure spraying with regard to long life and paint resistance
  • Full-peripheral fittings guarantee perfect closure at multiple points and comfortable window control. The safety features to prevent the window from hanging up, the ventilation position, the wing lifter with tamper proof and micro-ventilation are already used.
  • Double silicone seal for perfect tightness of windows with long service life and easy replacement.
  • Insulating double glazing with coefficient K = 1,0Wm with warm peripheral frame.
  • Donau gutter with interrupted thermal bridge
  • Wing gutter protecting the most exposed part of the window

Eurowindows softine78 – contains additional:

  • Four-layer Euro-prism 78mm thick
  • Insulating triple glass with coefficient K = 0,7Wm

In addition to eurowindows softline we also produce  Eurowindows rustikal68/78